“If  your people were able to bring ‘all’ of themselves to work and your organisation could  truly ‘see’ them, that would transform the work place, make lives more fulfilling and lead to extraordinary performance.”
~ Jag Mundi, Co-Founder

Mont Joly Coaching was founded to help organisations find a better way. Underpinned by this philosophy, Mont Joly Coaching is centred around working on a systemic basis with organisations, their leaders, teams and employees to unlock amazing potential. 

We use a range of tools, processes and exercises which we believe are nothing short of magical, to reveal the true reality. Once the true strengths, challenges and potential are unveiled, we use an integrated approach, coaching at all levels to help you  clarify  and realise your vision and achieve deep and enduring transformation. 

We know that embedding change takes time and commitment so we design tailor-made programmes. These typically start with offsites, either here at The Retreat @ Mont Joly or locally to you, where we create the space to dare and dream. We ensure that the resulting inspiration, vision, strategy and goals can take root back in the organisation  with regular one on one and/or team coaching sessions, a mid programme review and a full review on completion. 


Why Get A Coach?


Every company has a reality: the way it looks, feels, behaves, its rules (articulated and unwritten), its prevalent culture, its values, the way it is perceived externally and internally. All of this can be very different from what the leadership believe or are trying to achieve.

We hold that a company is an entity in its own right and that to work with it you must treat it as such, listen to the many voices within the system, uncover the true existing culture and values and reveal to all the true reality of what is there. Only then can you work to bring the reality towards the desired vision.

Once we have revealed the organisation to itself, everything becomes possible. The desired change can only come from working at all levels: the organisation, the leadership, management, teams  and individuals (or in larger organisations) the key individuals. This coaching takes place over a period of time  between and after group sessions, to identify the vision, goals and change needed and then to embed them into the organisation so that they endure.

So often,  great work done during offsites and strategy days is wasted by lack of follow through and the return to the old normality that arrives within a day or two. Our programmes are designed to ensure that after a group offsite, follow on sessions are held with the key team/individuals and that goals and actions are set in alignment with the group goals and actions and followed up on regularly to drive change.

Why get a coach?

  • You are keen to move your company on to the next level in terms of performance.
  • You want to dramatically increase employee loyalty, positivity and productivity.
  • You are  facing huge challenges and are unsure how to deal with them.
  • Your business is not growing as fast as you believe it could.
  • You are not clear on where you need to be in 5 years.
  • You have not been able build a great team you trust.
  • You  want to create a great place to work, where you really ‘see’ your employees and they bring all their magnificence to work with them.

These sorts of challenges are common in every business. We have all been there. However, highly successful entrepreneurs and business owners know that if you expect much better results, you must be committed to grow, learn, re-focus and begin to do things differently.

Does it work?

  • Virtually all ( 99%) of all companies who use coaching are satisfied and 96% would repeat the process
  • 71% report enhanced working relationships
  • 63% improved teamwork
  • 52% more effective conflict resolution
  • 37% closer client relationships
  • 70% improved work performance

Source: ICF Research & Fortune Magazine


Our  Coaching helps teams consciously and intentionally design their relationship in service of their objectives. It creates a more positive culture and improves productivity to create high-performing teams.

Our coaching is not team building nor tree hugging; you don’t get to build a raft singing Kumbaya- unless it serves your objectives!

It uses proven and measurable processes, tools and innovative immersion techniques. These focus on building productivity and positivity and reveal the team’s strengths and challenges.

Then an action plan is created, a ‘contract’ is designed by the team as to how it wants to be, ensuring the team works better together in a way that positively impacts the business and is aligned with the organisational vision and goals. We then work with you on an ongoing basis to make sure the desired change really happens.


Why get a coach?

  • You want to dramatically improve the performance of the team, gain clarity of vision, goals and direction
  • The team has only recently come together or has undergone significant change eg a merger, rapid size increase, restructuring
  • There are issues within the team getting in the way of the business objectives and/or harmony
  • Different parts of the organisation are not working seamlessly and collaboratively
  • Your team struggles with poor, toxic or ineffective communication patterns or low team morale, productivity or creativity
  • Your team suffers from conflict avoidance or poor conflict resolution, role confusion or poorly occupied roles

Does it work?

  • 63% reported improved teamwork
  • 52% more effective conflict resolution
  • 44% developed greater commitment to the organisation
  • Coaching programmes have achieved between 500 – 700% return on investment
  • 73% improved relationships

Source: Fortune Magazine & ICF research


Ask Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google:

“The one thing people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them: a coach really really helps”. ~ Eric Schmidt

The flow of individual coaching is a series of one on one confidential coaching sessions using the CTi Co-Active philosophy to unleash your full potential.

Coaching gives you the knowledge, support and tangible tools and strategies to overcome barriers (real or imagined) and empowers you to live a more fulfilling life and realise your potential in your career.

Individual coaching can be undertaken as an integral part of organisational coaching or on a stand alone basis.

Why get a coach?

  • You want to dramatically improve your performance, gain clarity of vision, goals and direction
  • You want be more fulfilled, right now, in all areas of your life
  • You want to be a better leader at work , at home, at play…
  • You want to develop an authentic leadership style and step into your power as a leader
  • You have or are about to take on a new role

Does it work?

  • Return on investment (ROI) per executive was on average six times the cost of coaching over six to 12 months
  • 61% experienced higher job satisfaction
  • 44% developed greater commitment to the organisation
  • 80% had improved self-confidence
  • 67% reported a better Work/Life balance

Source: Fortune Magazine & ICF research



Since its inception, Mont Joly Coaching focussed on assembling a team of coaches that had many years of diverse experience leading and working within organisations and with entrepreneurs  before beginning their coaching journey.

We have found that the ability to weave business insight and experience into the coaching can be compelling: our coaches understand first hand performing against and beyond p&l accounts, targets, KPIs, deadlines etc as well as the cultural and people aspects of building successful businesses and the stresses, strains and challenges faced by entrepreneurs and others operating in high pressure and high performance environments.
















My focus as a coach is on companies and businesses and the high (or potentially high) performing individuals leading them or part of them and designed around unlocking extraordinary performance and fulfillment in the individuals and teams and through them, the organisation.

My power as a coach comes from the ability to weave the business insight and experience gained over two decades running successful businesses in the financial services arena with the first class training and experience gained as a certified Co-Active and systems coach. As a businessman myself and given the businesses for which I have been responsible during my career, I absolutely recognise that, whilst underpinned by cultural change , transformation needs to be nailed to financial and other targets ie financial and operational performance beyond the expectations that existed before the coaching intervention.

My education includes a first class degree in law from New College, Oxford University and attending the Advanced Management Programme at Wharton. I am a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) through The Coaches Training Institute and an ORSC Relationship Systems coach. I am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

I grew up in a terraced house in Derby, managed to escape to London (via Oxford) where I lived for over two decades and then we moved to the foothills of the Pyrenees in SW France in 2008 to pursue our dreams and I now divide my time between France and the UK.

I find joy in breathing the clean air of the Pyrenees and hiding in our retreat with my gorgeous wife and life partner Claudia and our three beautiful kids. When I am not in London or at my desk, or running a Retreat I can be found sculpting in wood (felled from our own gardens), swimming in the open air (a recent obsession) or walking (and in the winter skiing) in the mountains…


My focus as a coach is on individuals; to inspire and support truly transformational change in both professional and personal spheres.

My power as a coach comes from my fierce championing of clients to fulfil their potential and pursue their dreams whilst offering a safe, compassionate environment for self awareness and growth. Through authentic, challenging conversation with a mindful approach, we explore the whole person, including work/life balance, building positivity and resilience and empowering clients to make concious choices over all aspects of their lives.

My education is ongoing as I believe in lifelong learning.  My degree in Modern Languages from New College, Oxford enabled me to travel extensively (including a year in Pinochet-era Chile), and to communicate in four languages.  Due to my interest in people, I studied for a diploma in Psychology from Birkbeck University, London and have completed courses in Meditation: Mindfulness and Beyond. I am a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) through The Coaches Training Institute and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)

I grew up on the South Devon coast and then moved to London where I had an international career marketing premium brands for both FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies. We moved to the foothills of the Pyrenees in SW France in 2008 to pursue our dreams, raise our young family and integrate into French life while restoring a chateau and vineyards as an idyllic family home and inspirational retreat centre. 

I find joy in my children – my greatest teachers – and in sharing this journey with Jag; my many animals and my potager, yoga and meditation, singing in jazz and gospel choirs, hosting family and friends and throwing parties, the mountains and the Atlantic waves. I am passionate about education and equal rights.


My focus as a coach is on leadership development and culture change. I have worked with clients across the globe, in industries as diverse as media, government, education, art, consulting, fashion, NGOs, market research and finance, supporting them in building cultures based on co-creation and personal, organisational and business development.

My power as a coach comes from “feeding the good wolf” in each person, partnership, team, and organisation. This expression comes from a wise native American tale which teaches us that while we each have our good side and our bad side, we can choose which one we will put most time energy and focus on. My power as a coach comes from focusing on potential.

My education includes an MA and a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Belgrade. I am an ICF accredited individual and systems coach (PCC, CPCC, ORSCC) and a faculty member for CRR Global, the creators of the Organisational & Relationship Systems Coaching model regularly deployed by MJC.

I grew up in Yugoslavia, a country that does not exist any more, and the ending of which (the war, the sanctions and the bombings) has shaped me as a person. While I still maintain close family and work ties with Serbia, London has been my home for the last 16 years. It is this beautiful, diverse, wonderfully eccentric, culture and history rich city, that my American husband and I have chosen as a place to raise our two daughters. 

I find joy in my two children, in people, in poetry, art and music, in long conversations and long walks. I find joy when I am by the sea, in playing games, in cooking and in my work.


My focus as a coach is personal and career transitions and transformations. I am passionate about my clients and their journey—they are individuals with vision and drive, who want to grow, evolve, excel and live a full and gratifying life.

My power as a coach comes from guiding people and their life choices for more than 20 years—over half that time spent as a talent manager and headhunter in the creative and advertising industry. I came to coaching through my personal and professional experiences and thrive supporting people to discover clarity around their values, life choices and goals. Ultimately, finding their personal freedom around their answers to that all-encompassing question: What’s next?

My education includes a Master of Science in Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. My Bachelor degree in Communication is from Simmons College in Boston. I am a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) through The Coaches Training Institute and an ORSC relationship systems coach. I am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

I grew up in Vienna, Munich, and the Washington DC area. Later, I lived in Boulder, CO, San Francisco, Cleveland, OH, Amsterdam (for 12 years)—and now Paris. Being a global citizen has provided me first-hand experience with the challenges and opportunities of work and life transitions and is a big part of the work I do today.

I am remarried to the love of my life. It is a second marriage for both of us, and fulfillment in our relationship, and our lives, is a top priority. My two children are part of that priority. They are my daily reminder to keep my heart and mind open. Even on tricky days, when I “lose it” as a parent, I am grateful for their uniqueness and learning. And love.


My focus as a coach is primarily on engendering business and personal transformation and growth within businesses, leadership teams and executives. I also provide high impact coaching to large groups of diverse and committed individuals. 

My power as a coach comes from my passion for transformation, my energy, creativity and a sharp focus on achieving step-shifts in performance from clearly defined actions.   I have business experience spanning more than 20 years with a leading global bank, including leadership roles in many different business divisions and in nine different countries.  I also have professional training and experience as a certified executive and team coach and coach in English, French, Spanish and Italian.  I am also a Firewalking Instructor.

My education includes a degree in European Business Studies and Technology from Brighton University, a Diploma for Experts in Industrial Production at Turin Polytechnic and attending the Accelerated Development Programme at London Business School.  I am a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) through The Coaches Training Institute and a certified Organisation and Relationship Systems coach (ORSCC) with The Centre for Right Relations (CRR Global). I am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).  I am a certified Executive Firewalking Instructor with the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education (Dallas).

I grew up and was educated in London.  After studying in Italy I decided that I needed to continue exploring the world and joined an international bank.  I met my adorable Spanish wife during my first posting to Madrid and we have since lived in the Philippines, London, Hong Kong, Paris, Mexico City, Brussels and Geneva.  We moved back to Madrid recently and I now travel extensively for my coaching assignments.

I find joy in my family and friends, fresh local ingredients, cooking and eating whatever takes our fancy and discovering new destinations.  When not coaching or organising new events, you might find me my riding my motorbike around the sierra outside Madrid, gardening, swimming or enjoying tapas and some fine wine with friends.


My focus as a coach is on leaders, organizations and the change their mission requires. I help teams and companies unleash potential as they align their leadership, strategy, vision and culture. I step into complexity and conflict, helping corporations unite in one body. I choose excellence, and the uncomfortable shifts, hard work and measurable goals it demands.

My power comes from kinship with seven billion, faith in God and people’s dignity, and the interconnectedness that undergirds every human system. I honour diverse paths to vision and meaning in others and myself. I am aware shadow and light reside together. I’ve learned I’m not that important, I’m not in control, and I am going to die. In a few ways at least, I’m free.

My education is ongoing, rooted in relationships and experience. Illuminating questions, paradox, and mystery fascinate me. I try to make new mistakes. My schooling includes an Ivey MBA and a Master of Divinity, focusing on Strategic Leadership and Spirituality respectively. I have learned from servant leaders in a host of disciplines. I’m an Adler Trained Coach, ORSCC relationship systems coach, and member of the ICF.

I grew up in London, Ontario, born in Canada of Australian parents, and Irish and Australian grandparents. I’m a proud citizen of all three countries. My parents and grandparents ran family businesses, and I’m grateful to do the same at Platinum Leadership. As a young man, I learned the names of the stars and feel at home under night skies in many lands.

I find joy in adventure and conversation, food and wine, laughter and song with my wife, Corinne, and other good friends. I love my family. I find joy in my work. I feel alive when I encourage magnificence through facilitation, coaching and supervision. When I do these well, they’re not about me, and I am happy.


My focus as a coach is working with courageous adventurers who cherish freedom, who are seeking to create something of their own, with would-be entrepreneurs who are prepared to dare more, to overcome their fears to make dreams a reality or people who simply want to change. Empowering people to trust themselves to do what they truly love is my passion and uncovering it is part of the journey.

My power as a coach comes from championing possibility and celebrating difference and authenticity.
I use my creativity and intuition to take clients to the edge, content only with profound, long-lasting change. I hold them to account with compassion, and not let them lose their way.
I want to know who they really are beneath all the “shoulds” and uncover their secret passions and dreams.
My experience of living in different cultures brings understanding and openness, whilst being a creative entrepreneur allows me to encourage others in this direction.

My education 
After a brief diversion of a degree in geology, I jacked it in and decided to do what I loved: I became a carpenter. Having built-timber framed houses and completed my own barn conversion, I started training women to build. This was where I discovered my passion for coaching, empowering people with little skills or self-belief, to build their own houses.
Since1996, I’ve trained in a variety of coaching disciplines, studied psychotherapy, healing, expression through voice and movement, EMDR and team coaching. In 2011, I retrained with the CTI model and am a certified CTI coach.

I grew up in a family of cultural and class diversity, seeking awakening. I started a lifelong love of travel, including extended periods in India and as a cowgirl in Australia. I met the love of my life, Jacques, while hiking in the desert in Mauritania and settled in SW France where we are building an eco house with our young daughter Amalia.

I find joy in singing, creating and wild adventures.



“As a founder of a tech company I am obsessed with making sure I am as productive as possible. As you frantically work, it’s too easy to lose focus or fight fires.  Jag cuts through all of this and makes you focus on the things that really matter.  To reference Eisenhower’s matrix, having a coach firmly sits in the not urgent but very important camp.   With sessions that are fun, well structured and direct Jag has helped me become a much stronger leader and helped our team pull together to achieve our goals.”

~ Will Paterson, CEO, EdPlace

‘Over the past year I have spent a significant amount of time working with Jag and his team as part of a group and on a 121 basis. I have used his expertise to explore how to better handle the significant changes which my organisation has gone through, overcome challenges and develop better relationships with my colleagues. Jag has helped me unravel complicated issues and feelings, which has significantly boosted my engagement with the business, my Executive Team and the new journey we are on.

Our time together has been thought provoking, emotional and incredibly well spent. We all know the benefits on paper of executive coaching, however Jag’s empathetic yet pragmatic nature brings these benefits alive. With his clear passion, innovative knowledge and genuine care for developing individuals and teams, spending time with Jag has been an incredibly worthwhile investment, for both myself and the business.’ 

~Anneka Kingan, Group Company Secretary, ITE Group Plc

“Claudia is a compassionate and caring coach who also knows when to challenge you. I have experienced coaching before but have gained new insights from working with Claudia from both her individual style and the techniques and tools that she brings to the coaching sessions. I can honestly say that Claudia has helped me re-evaluate both my personal and professional life and has supported me to make real and lasting positive changes towards a more fulfilling life purpose “

~LF, Corporate Legal Specialist, London

“ …Patient and passionate about her client relationships, [Astrid] takes the time with her clients to consummate a thorough understanding of the whole person, to best prepare them to communicate their challenges more effectively. Her methods and her professionalism inspire confidence, the secret ingredient everyone needs to transform themselves while capitalizing on their instinctive strengths. Coupled with her coach training, Astrid has extensive career experience in advertising, talent management, communication and recruiting…”

~ Cathleen Quinn, VP Corporate Brand Management & Communication, Firmenich – Paris

“Over the past two years, Julius has provided my global senior management team with team coaching…I still remember how Julius seemed to cast a spell over the room, creating a completely different feel to the atmosphere in just a few minutes. He immediately helped to move us into the right mind-set for the workshop, stimulating an atmosphere of trust and sharing, honesty and full participation. People shifted their awareness and attention from their individual roles to that of the broader team and the possibilities available to us. We created a team agreement which set the foundations for our work together as a team and which we still reference today. We came away with a common set of objectives as a global team, not only for the workshop, but for the year ahead.

…Julius is truly passionate about his clients and his coaching and this is incredibly precious as it has had a huge impact on the team.”

~ Muriel Danis, Global Head, Chief of Staff Business Management, HSBC Private Bank

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The Retreat At Mont Joly

We offer a unique coaching, leadership and strategy retreat for teams of up to 10 people. Each retreat is tailor-made according to your requirements. To complement a full coaching programme to transform your team a number of activities can be woven into the retreat. These range from trekking in the Pyrenees, cycling, zip wiring, rafting and canyoning  to more gentle pursuits such as wine tasting or mindfulness meditation.  


Four double bedrooms in the chateau. Additional accommodation is available at a nearby, highly rated boutique Chambre d’Hote while our stables and ‘The Coach House’ are being renovated. Our catering uses home cooked local produce, often using ingredients from our potager and orchard and eggs from our chickens.

Getting here:

We are situated in the foothills of the Pyrenees, just south of Pau in the award winning wine growing region of Jurancon. We are a short flight from London and other UK airports with regular flights to Pau, Lourdes, Biarritz , Toulouse and Bordeaux all within reach.


We have renovated Mont Joly in a stylish, comfortable manner and we are proud that it is a family home and not a hotel. We believe this adds to the relaxed, authentic and memorable experience that enables guests to be truly ‘themselves’. The wide vistas to snowcapped mountains, peace of the countryside and contact with nature facilitate a total release from the pressures of modern life and let the transformation process begin. We open our home to visitors with a generous spirit and heartfelt trust as we truly appreciate sharing our dream with others. Previous guests have been kind enough to say the following of their stays with us:

‘Mont Joly is beautiful, uplifting to the spirit, a special place’

“The whole experience of our Board offsite was deeply rewarding for everyone involved. The unique environment, coupled with the coaching and feedback provided us with valuable experiences and learning that we used once back in our work place… everyone took something away that has significantly helped them in their work and personal life. We would highly recommend this programme which should be seen as the beginning of a journey of improving one’s professional and personal life.”

‘You manage to open your house with such apparent ease that we felt at home within minutes.’

‘Your consideration and kindness to us far surpasses expectations: to simultaneously feel part of the family yet live like honoured guests is such a treat’

‘I feel like a Rajah after staying in the palace!’

‘Your chateau is wonderful, but more wonderful still is the way you live in it, and share it’

‘We have a sense of awe at what you have achieved; visually, atmospherically and yes, spiritually’

Contact Us

Chateau Mont Joly
111 Route Chapelle de Rousse
Gan, 64290

 +44  7887 993344

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